A little about me

Though I am a salesmen's daughter I am a people person at heart. My dad is the best people person I know and truly one of the most unique and positive men I know.  I knew I loved selling and putting a smile on people’s faces at a young age. When I was 8 years old, I sold stickers from my bedroom window to neighborhood kids. When I was 12, I had a lemonade stand and ran promotions and gave discounts. My first day I made $80.00 (mostly from tips in my tip jar).  My love for being around people and seeing smiles blossomed into selling and helping businesses.

I attended several schools to find what I wanted to do but I was always drawn back to people and sales. I worked in the trade show and signage industry for 10 years. I also coordinate large events for my local church, I’m an active Chamber member, and have my own professional organizing business I work on the side. I’ve been in the promotional products industry since 2017 and have loved every day. Though I love helping my clients and getting them what they need, it’s the smile on their face that I live for!

I love the beach and am a true West coast girl. Though I am a proud Chicagoan, CA is my first home. I enjoy and dabble in art and photography. I consider myself creative yet organized. I love life and making the most of it. In my experience its people that make life worth living!

I have two beautiful girls Nadia and Lilyana who are my pride and joy as well as the spice to my life! In addition to my beauties, I am married to a lovely husband who shares all of my hobbies and passions. Our 3 fur babies keep our house full and active. From oldest to youngest we have Lady Elizbeth our miniature Fox terroir, Duchess our Maltese mix, and Zuma our Labrador. My life is full and blessed; I am thankful every day.

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